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Grief from the Other Side: Stories of Hope and Resilience

Dec 14, 2021

Mike's journey to become a hospice nurse came later in life. While he calls himself a "talker", Mike also takes the time to listen to his patients and their families and loves to hear their stories. He shares about the impact of COVID-19 on grieving, discusses the ways loss can be cummulative and explains the value of...

Nov 9, 2021

As a hospice nurse and now a clinical manager, Monica understands first-hand the importance of finding space to create joy at the end of life. She shares her own journey with her most profound loss, describes her definition of a "good death", shares about the challenges with COVID-19, and explains how hospice is more...

Oct 12, 2021

Trained as a mental health professional, Charles didn't grow up knowing he wanted to work in hospice care. But having a limited amount of personal loss has enabled him to have a unique perspective on dying and an ability to meet people where they are.

Sep 14, 2021

With a background as a respiratory therapist, Perry came to his leadership role as Director of Strategic Partnerships in an interesting way. He shares his professional and personal journey with hospice, loss, and explains what it means to have a "good death".

Aug 10, 2021

As a hospice nurse for over 25 years, Karen has experienced a great deal of death. But she doesn't find that sad. "When I'm with somebody that is dying, it is a complete honor. And I feel like it's the same thing as when labor and delivery nurses are with a birth. To be there at that time is just incredible." She...